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To fully understand the power and beauty of Angelic Reiki, and the difference between this wonderful vibrational therapy and the more familiar Usui Reiki, we need to start at the very beginning…


Energy and vibration

Everything in this Universe is made of energy. Everything is made up of atoms and every atom has a little vibration – including us humans.  The human aura has an energy field which surrounds our physical body and extends outwards.  What we say, think or feel affects our aura, our energy field. Our personal vibration is forever changing, depending on where we are in our mental, emotional and physical health. When our vibration is high – we feel well!


Angels are ‘Intelligent Beings of Light’, a universal intelligence that communicates with us through the vibration and energy of pure Love.

Residing in a higher dimension, they are a part of the Universal Consciousness. A Simple way to think of it is that ‘The Divine’ is Love and Angels are the thoughts and consciousness of the Divine. In Latin, the word Angel means ‘Messenger’ and so Angels are messengers of the Divine.

From the moment we are born, we are guided, supported, protected and loved by Angels unconditionally, no matter what.  Each one of us has our very own guardian angel who remains with us throughout our lifetime.  They know our hopes, dreams, wishes, sadness, worries and fears. They know of our every thought and action, our past and our future. But we must remember, that Angels have no free will and cannot help us unless we invite them to do so.

Angels don’t have a physical body. They cannot grow old or age – they are immortal. They have their own language which is referred to as ‘The Language of Light’ but when speaking to each other they communicate telepathically.

There’s an Angelic hierarchy too, 9 levels in total but no matter the rank, they all have a purpose, a job to carry out work on behalf of the Divine.  There are planetary Angels, Healing Angels, Protection Angels, Angels of Heaven and Earth, Angels of Wisdom, Justice, Fairness, Nations – the list is endless!

Think of it as a telephone directory system, a whole network of Angels and Archangels at our beck and call to assist with every situation.  Archangels are higher up the chain to angels and have more power but know this, whatever we think, feel or ask, the right angel will always be sent to assist.

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a powerful – yet gentle, hands-on healing system that allows very high vibrational energies, Intelligent ‘Beings of Light’ to work upon your body to help release physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all times and incarnations.

Unlike Usui Reiki, where the attunements are carried out by the teacher, human-to-human, within the Angelic Reiki healing system, the attunements are done by the Angelic Kingdom of Light and given to each individual by their own healing Angel. Within Angelic Reiki, there is no linage and no room for human error – it just comes straight from the angel.

The attunements are carried out over 2.5 days and are very powerful.  There are no words to describe how beautiful it is to be bestowed with an attunement. It can be emotionally overwhelming because of the amount of Love that is felt and received.

I personally believe that Angelic Reiki Kingdom of Light chooses its ambassadors/facilitator rather than the other way around.

Whenever a healing session is given, it is the Angelic Kingdom of light and the dedicated healing angel that are responsible for the healing process. The healer (or facilitator) just holds the space and does not interfere with the process.  The healer is the bridge, a pure channel, between the recipient and the angel.

As mentioned earlier, angels know everything about us, they know and understand our sadness, anxiety, worry, mindset and the root cause – which are held and suppressed deep within the cells of our body. They know exactly what vibration we are emitting.

These highly advanced ‘Beings of Light’, see us as one body of light and work upon our entire energy field, which is often referred to as the four-body system – which incorporates our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental states. It is from within this system that the healing angels remove all kinds of blockages – not only from this life, but past lives and across all time and incarnations.  This healing system really does enable you to move forward

What does an Angelic Reiki session feel like?

What people experience during a healing session varies on the recipient. People witness seeing Light language, which is the angelic language of communication – consisting of geometric shapes, sacred symbols, patterns/shapes and beams of light. Auditory sounds of high-pitched tones can often be heard too. Images of fire, water, flashes of light, various healing colours – such as green, blue, aquamarine, gold, orange, yellow and violet are seen (with our closed eyes). In the physical sense, you may experience a bubbling or rumbling in your tummy, a pulsating, an expansion of the heart, feelings of warmth, extreme love, the feeling that someone is holding you, tickling your face or hand and even sense a gentle breeze. It really does depend on the individual – but always, there is a feeling of peace, calm and love.

Angelic Reiki helps to enhance and balance all aspects of your life and in parts total transformation – change will always be felt somewhere.  It helps shift mental, emotional and spiritual stagnation and strengthens self-esteem.  One of the most well-known benefits is achieving a higher level of mental focus and clarity so you can see yourself, your life and path more clearly. It improves your sleep, energises you, eases stress-related conditions. It gives you an even greater awareness of your connection to the Divine, raises your vibration so that you feel good and well and heightens intuition.   It helps you to feel loved, supported and guided – to see the magic and beauty not only in life but most importantly in yourself.

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