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Ahavah is a hebrew word meaning "to give  of oneself in love". We are  called first and foremost to "be love," to "be ahavah": givers of ourselves.  To be kind, to be generous, to be uplifting and encouraging, to serve others, to make a difference in people's lives, to be stewards of our earth and to our environment. 

 We are called to give of ourselves to the world and community around us a better, more caring place. 

Miriam The Prophetess- Miriam’s cup represents  . . . a better valuing of heart and body, intuition, creativity, spontaneity, direct personal spiritual experience, egalitarianism, inclusivity, mercy and consolation. Miriam’s cup, once glistening with water that energized the soul, calls to us in confident invitation. Let all who are ready, come and fill it. Let all who are thirsty, come and drink.

About Serenity

Spiritual Wellness Guide ~ Life Coach

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher R.M.T,

Shamanic Practitioner

Myrrophore of Sacred Oils

Magdalene Priestess of the Rose

Red Tent Women's Circle Facilitator

Crystal Children Parenting Guide



I have always held a reverence for animals, nature, and a feeling of deep connection with the Divine, however, it may be symbolized. As an Oracle I have had the gift  of prophecy and channeling since childhood. I offer Intuitive guidance, Oracle readings, Angelic Reiki, Chakra balancing, Spiritual Anointing of Sacred Oils, Hand fasting/ Wedding Officiant Services, Guided Meditation for Hospice and Surgical patients as well as Home/Office energy clearings, parental guidance for parents of Starseed children and spiritual retreats and events on my  farm sanctuary or location of your choice.

My services facilitate a connection to sacred unity, nature and the Mother Earth. I am assisted only by beings of of the highest light to tune in to your energetic field and co-create a healing session designed to empower and integrate self-healing.


I focus on energy clearing and flow, heart and womb healing, connecting to spirit guides, elementals, animal totems, and ancestors to assist in transformation and connection with the highest and most authentic Self.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"



Image by Francesco Alberti
Image by Nazym Jumadilova
Image by Melissa Askew

One on One Reiki Session

 Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing        Chronic pain, Acute pain,

Emotional, Mental &  Spiritual healing.


On the Farm

At Terra Nova Heart Sanctuary   

Dreamtime Reiki and  Chakra Cleanse

Chakra cleansing, balancing and reset while you sleep……


Distance Session

Spiritual Retreats & Group Meditation

Experience a weekend of connecting with animals and nature, meditation, sound healing , yoga and nutrition on a 20 acre farmstead near Temecula Wine Country


This sanctuary is beyond healing. We came here and our cups were overflowing with peace, serenity and happiness. Serenity is amazing and so gifted, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time on her property and receive her Reiki services! So emotional and healing, but we felt so much peace!


Terra Nova  is a place of beauty, peace and serenity... just so happens Serenity is also the name of the host who guided me through a wonderful experience. I was blessed as she facilitated an Angelic Reiki session for me that brought clarity, enlightment and confirmation to many areas of my life currently. She held space and honored the sacredness of the session. The welcoming atmosphere, hospitality, and Light energy present made it feel as though the experience was Divinely guided. Thank you to Serenity and her little helpers for bringing joy, smiles, laughter and healing into my heart!


Excellent! There needs to be more people like Serenity in this world! 




“This is truly a wondrous place that feels like animal / nature heaven. Serenity, Bill and their beautiful children put their hearts and souls into making it a memorable experience and treat their guests like gold. Each member of our family of four and shepherd dog had their needs met, whether it was relaxation, bonding with the farm animals, opportunities for physical exercise, reconnecting with the earth, quiet meditation... I highly recommend you leave all electronic devices behind to take in all this special place has to offer. If you come with an open spirit I promise you will be filled with sweetness and just what you need. To book without hesitation. We’ll be back!” 


I highly recommend this stay. As a woman traveling alone, this place provided a peaceful getaway and an opportunity to connect with nature in a safe environment. Serenity is a wonderful host who is very considerate of your comfort. She also helped me with angelic reiki, which showed me ways to stand in my power; definitely one of the experiences I will never forget.

The kids were super cute and fun to be around. It is very obvious that the animals are well-loved. They are friendly and entertaining to interact with.

The place also provides activities such as corn hole, fire pit, animal feeding, etc. Overall, the vibe here is just very positive. I feel very rejuvenated by the end of my stay and will definitely be coming back in the future. 



Wonderful experience, I was provided amazing insight and a lot of excellent suggestions for how to continue and improve my meditation practice


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